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Shabiki Kenya

Shabiki is one of the simplest sites that enable bettors to place wagers with minimal challenges. The site offers multiple matches, and punters can navigate around to place bets. All the wagers on the site comprise the grand prize. The site has various jackpots, and punters can participate in them with as low as Ksh 20.

Shabiki Kenya is a popular betting site owned and operated by Grey Holding Ltd. The bookmarker is approved by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BC&LB). Bettors can place wagers on upcoming games or in-play matches that are displayed on the company’s website. The site is simple to navigate for both newcomers and veterans.

Shabiki — Kenyan Bookmaker

Because the company covers only one market, it’s minimal offers. The company has three bets that gamblers can apply: power 13, Jackpot Mbao, and Daily Jackpot. When you want to bet, start by selecting the kind of chance you want and enter a particular amount needed by the specific offer. The games for the three jackpots are held on weekends-Saturday and Sunday. The jackpot amount is not fixed and keeps changing as per the season.

With a small amount of Ksh 20, you can place a bet on a jackpot of over Ksh 5million. If you predict the number of scores of each jackpot team correctly, you hit the jackpot. The prize comprises 10 teams.

There are multiple benefits of using Shabiki Kenya, including simple registration procedure, user-friendly platform, easiness of depositing and withdrawing funds, small betting amounts, daily jackpot, and adequate information.

Shabiki Registration

You can open an account with Shabiki Kenya by using your mobile phone or via the company’s official site.

The site is mobile-friendly and easy to register. You can register by sending the word ‘JOIN’ to 29063 from your mobile device. The cost of the SMS is Ksh 2. The company responds by sending a confirmation message to you through the line you sent the joining message from. The response message contains a link to your Shabiki Kenya account. Upon getting the message, you can access your Shabiki Kenya account to start betting.

Your Shabiki account is connected to the line that you use when sending the message. This means that you must use the mobile number when performing any actions or payments linked to your account.

Users can also register by visiting the company’s site at Click the ‘Join’ button and fill out your mobile contacts and a password. Before signing up, you need to go through the company’s terms and conditions.

Betting options

There are minimal sports betting choices and markets that you can find on Shabiki, Kenya. However, bettors have various jackpots that they can place their bets on. Shabiki Kenya covers different games, including football, Baseball, and Basketball. Although the platform has few lottery options, it appeals to bettors who look for massive jackpots.

Payment Options

Deposit & Withdraw
  • M-Pesa
  • SMS

If you want to deposit money into your Shabiki Kenya account, go to the M-Pesa on your mobile device and choose the Lipa na M-pesa option. Enter the Pay bill number for Shabiki and type the word ‘DEPOSIT’ in the account number section. Enter the amount you want to deposit to your account, followed by your M-Pesa PIN. Click on the ‘SEND’ button to send the deposit to your Shabiki account.

You can also deposit money to your Shabiki Kenya account via an SMS. Send the text SJM#AUTO to 29063 to get an auto bet. You can also send SJM# for own chance. When using the SMS option, you require the M-Pesa pay bill number to make deposits.

You can apply the same procedure used when making deposits if you want to make withdrawals from your account. Send the wordW#Amount to 29063. Depending on amounts, withdrawals attract Mpesa charges.

When a bettor wins a jackpot, the bookie notifies them through an SMS sent to their bet slip. If you win below Ksh140000, the bookie sends the money to your wallet. However, any amount above Ksh 140,000 is sent to your bank account.

How to bet in Shabiki?

Before you start placing bets on Shabiki, register first by sending the word ‘Join’ to 29063. A welcome response message will be sent to you. There are two methods of placing bets at Sabiki: Auto bet and Own bet.

If you use the auto bet procedure, let random number generators (RNG) offer you the predictions. The method is pretty simple; go to Mpesa pay bill number 290063, Account number SJM#AUTO and send Ksh20. The system will generate the forecast and confirm it to you via an SMS.

You can place your prediction by sending Ksh 30 from your M-Pesa to pay bill no. 290063. Follow this procedure: Account no: DJ#(your prediction) eg DJ#1w5555511xx12. An auto-message will be sent to you confirming your prediction.

Multiple bettors prefer the AUTO bet choice to OWN bet because they don’t have any say on the prediction made. Additionally, may punters manually make wrong choices most of the time and need an unbiased system.

The OWN bet lets you make your own choices. You’re in control of the whole process by exercising your freedom in choosing your favourite teams. You can conduct thorough research to make informed predictions on the sides that win the matches.

Bonuses and Offers

Multiple gifts exist in the Shabiki platform. Bettors with correct predictions of 9 out of ten to six out of 10 qualify for a game bonus. Punters who predict 5 out of 10 and 3 out of 10 matches receive a free bet.

If you qualify for a bonus, you’re notified through an SMS congratulatory message. The message captures the bet slip that is eligible for the gift, the number of predictions in the category e.g., 9/10, 6/10, etc.) and the total award.

Punters can place bets on favourite jackpots, including Shabiki Daily Jackpot (SD), Shabiki power 17, Shabiki power 13. The punters have multiple games, including AFCON (African Cup of Nations), Kenya Premier League (KPL), UK Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, the EFL, FA Cup, and others.

Shabiki daily jackpot games

Shabiki Daily Jackpot (DJ) is a games lottery site where punters can make 13 right predictions to win daily prizes of Ksh 300,000. Bettors who predict correctly 12, 11,9 and 6 matches receive different bonuses. Punters with five predictions qualify for a free bet. Forecasts can be done either through AUTO BET or OWN BET.

The rewards for other correct predictions are as follows: 12/13-Ksh 30,000, 11/13-Ksh3,000 each, 10/13-Ksh 300, 9/13-65 bob, and 8/13-50 bob.

You can start making your predictions using the following procedure:

  • Auto bet-send Ksh 30 from your mpesa line to pay bill 290063, the account number is DJ#AUTO. Upon random generation of results, the system will notify you through an SMS.
  • Ownbet- you can predict manually by sending Ksh 30 from your Mpesa line. Simply go to the pay bill section of your M-Pesa and enter 30 KES to pay bill account 290063. The account number is DJ#. A short confirmation message will be sent to you.

Shabiki Kenyan Bookmaker Website

ShabikiMbao Jackpot

The Shabiki Mbao jackpot is accessible to many punters as it allows them to bet with as low as Ksh 20. You can participate in the prize whose draws are done on Saturday and Sunday. The games that punters should predict their scores are published on the official site.

The SMJ carries a prize of Ksh20 million. You can get the amount if you predict the total scores correctly for each team. Punters for 7,8 and 9 correct predictions are eligible for bonuses. Those with six predictions, on the other hand, receive a free wager. Bettors with nine accurate predictions get 1 million, those with eight correct predictions receive Ksh100000, and those with seven correct predictions get 1000.

You can predict manually using the OWNBET option or applying the AUTO BET process. Many punters prefer the AUTO BET option because it lacks biases by human beings. The OWNBET option is an excellent choice for some bettors because it lets them analyze the matches before making an informed choice.

You can participate in the jackpot by choosing ten different results from 10 different games. Wait for the outcome. Winning the prize means that you’ll pocket Ksh 20,000,000. If there are no winners, the prize amount is elevated.

The SJM comprises prominent world leagues such as the UK premier league, an Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Shabiki Power 13

Shabiki power 13 came into being in April 2019. The product came as a result of Shabiki clients demanding that the company offers more diverse products that accommodate their betting needs. The jackpot is grounded on 13 pre-chosen soccer teams.

Though the prize amount is 100 million, the company has a right to review the amount upwards or downwards as per the aim of the revision. The review is communicated to the affected clients.

There are two jackpots matches on Shabiki power 13: weekend prize and a mid-week one. You can win the jackpot on the two matches if you predict the 13 games correctly. The total prize amount for predicting the 13 events precisely is Ksh 20,000,000. Punters for 11 and 12 correct predictions get bonuses.

There are four ways of participating in the jackpot. You can wager via an SMS, or you can participate online on the Shabiki platform. Bettors can either AUTO BET or OWNBET, just like SJM.

If you want to use a text, send an SMS to 29063. For instance, the SMS should be of this format: P13#12×1x. A confirmation message comes after you successfully place a wager.

Shabiki Power 17

Punters who participate on Shabiki 17 jackpot and predict 17 matches correctly can walk away with Ksh 100million.

Shabiki Power 17 is a draw with a prize of Ksh 100 million. Multiple awards await bettors who predict in the right way.

There are three methods of participating in the draw: through the official platform, via an SMS, and through MPesa.

In case you want to predict the game results via the website, do so by selecting the auto-bet option.

Bettors who want to use a text message can send an SMS with their prediction to P17#AUTO TO 29063.

You can also participate through M-Pesa by sending ksh 100 to 290063. The account No. is P1717predictions


Shabiki contacts

In case you’ve problems with your wagers, withdrawals, and deposits or any other clarifications, you can contact Shabiki on 0709433000/0703163163. You can also get in touch with through various channels including: