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Betboss Kenya Review

The two jackpots that Betboss offer include a weekly one that features Ksh 5.000.000 and a super one with Ksh 100M for the right predictions. The winners of the super prize must predict the outcomes of 13 games correctly. Besides football, Betboss offers punters a chance to wager on different matches that they like. They offer live lottery and online gaming services as well.

BetBoss — Kenyan Bookmaker

Punters who participate in the super jackpot must correctly predict 13 soccer games to win the prize.

The gambling site encourages people to bet responsibly and has a section that punters information on responsible betting. The site doesn’t allow minors to participate in gambling on its platform.

The platform has various games where punters can place their bets. These include tennis, rugby, darts, basketball, and others.

Keep reading for a comprehensive review on the bookmaker’s login information, registration procedure, payment methods, bonuses and offers, and many more.

Betboss login

You can log in to the site if you have a PIN. Use your phone number and PIN to login, and you start wagering.

Betboss Kenya registration

There are two methods of opening a betting account at Betboss: Paybill and SMS.

Through the pay bill option, deposit cash in to pay bill number 290442. You’ll receive a PIN via SMS. Use the PIN to log in on You can start betting.

You can also use an SMS method by sending the text ‘BETBOSS’ to 29442. The PIN will be sent as a response text. Use the pin to log in to the website, and you start wagering.

When registering to the site, you must offer the following details:

  • Username
  • Mobile contacts
  • 4-digit code for verification

Betting offers

Through BeBoss bookmarker, bettors can enjoy various kinds of matches. Popular markets for the Kenyan bettors include football, cricket, basketball, rugby, and baseball. Apart from the above games, the site also features various sports, including Handball, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, American Football, and others. The variety of markets enables the Kenyan gamblers to have a broad choice when placing bets.

The multiple bonuses and gifts boost the earnings of punters. Punters can also participate in virtual games that the site offers.

The site offers above 4% soccer lottery margins, which is a decent figure for the punters. Through the site’s menu, bettors can see the most popular wagers.

After two weeks, BetBoss Kenya offers two jackpots. There is one with Ksh 5M and another one with Ksh 100million. You can hit the 100million jackpot if you predict 13 selections accurately. However, if you predict ten picks correctly, you’ll get a bonus.

Payment options

Deposit & Withdraw
  • M-Pesa

BetBoss withdrawal or deposits are made through M-pesa. When you want to load your account, go to the M-Pesa menu and click on ‘Lipa Na Mpesa.’ Enter the pay bill number, which is 290442, and choose the amount you want to top up your account with. The final step is to send the money that is reflected in your account. You register each draw with Ksh 100, and any amount above that is deposited into your account. You can use the extra amount in the wallet to buy cards in the future.

When you want to make a withdrawal from your account, log in to it and tap on the withdrawal button, followed by the amount you want to remove. The minimum amount for withdrawal is Ksh 100.

It’s advisable to transact via a bank account when you wish to withdraw a considerable amount. The other quick method that you can apply to remove your money from the e-wallet is to send an SMS. Remember to text the word ‘WITHDRAW,’ followed by ‘amount’ to 29442. The money will hit your account immediately.

Bonuses and offer

Betboss is popular with many punters because of the various gifts it offers them. Immediately you sign up into the account, you receive an award of Ksh350.

Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to bet your gift many times before accessing it.

The Bazenga boost bonus is another prize you receive after registering your account. Shortly after signing up, check the promotion side of your account to access the BETBOSS Bazenga bonus. The BETBOSS comprises a chain of pre-chosen pairs of games that you can wager on. The games that you play with Bazenga Bonus have enhanced odds. For example, the Bazenga enhanced pair can be a mixture of PSG, Arsenal, Roma, and others. For instance, if Bazenga teams boost odds of 40 and you have 100 to bet with, the total amount could be ksh 4000.

BetBoss also offers multi bets bonuses that can boost you a great deal if you get it correctly. Through the multi bets bonus, you’re likely to win 50% on your prizes upon betting many times. For example, if you wager Ksh 1000 on a 9-match multi at odds of 10, your total award would be (1000×10)=10.000. The 50% would give you an excess of 10000×50%, which is Ksh15000. In case you used other bookies, you would only receive Ksh10,000 for a multi-bet prize.

You should note the following about BETBOSS prize boost on multi bets:

  • Each leg ought to be at odds of more than 1.25
  • An eligible wager is known as a multi-bet or an accumulator that has 10legs
  • The bonus amount is paid to your account the next day
  • The maximum bonus amount per person is Ksh 50.000

Betboss jackpot

Apart from the different bonuses that the site offers, you can also place a bet on two kinds of prizes found on the site. There is a weekly draw jackpot of KSH 5 million and a super jackpot of Ksh 100million that comes after two weeks. You win the 100 million jackpot prize if you predict 13 selections correctly. At least ten picks done correctly are eligible for bonuses. With a minimum of Ksh100, you can bet on the jackpot.

Betboss mobile application

BetBoss has a mobile app that enables bettors to log into the site quickly and wager before time elapses. The app is suitable with iOS and Android gadgets and has all the features of Betboss found on the site. The Betboss app is robust and highly optimized.

When wagering, you can apply your mobile app, visit the website, or use an SMS. The app enables you to find games quickly where you can place a wager.


Pros and cons

The Betboss site is fantastic and straightforward to navigate through. The website has an excellent app and decent odds with multiple prizes. It provides numerous sports where you place your bet on.

Although Betboss has multiple perks, it also has its fair share of downsides. The following are the perks of using the bookmarker:

  • Two jackpots. The site has two jackpots, one that comes weekly, and a super jackpot that happens after two weeks.
  • Virtual games. Bettors can bet on the virtual matches and stand a chance of winning various prizes.
  • Simplicity in depositing and withdrawing. The M-Pesa pay bill number makes it possible to remove your cash from your e-wallet or load it quickly.
  • Supports SMS betting. Many bettors can find the SMS betting a quick way of placing a wager.
  • Multiple bonuses. The site has many bonuses that punters can take advantage of. For instance, there is the Bazenga Bonus and multi-bets bonus.

Despite the many advantages of the site, it’s various downsides are listed and explained below:

  • Lacks a feature for canceling a wager-this implies that if bet erroneously, you might not delete the wager ones you’re through with the procedure.
  • Minimum withdrawal limit. The minimum amount that you can withdraw from the e-wallet is Ksh 100
  • No cash-out