Expert Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis is one of the most popular games in the world. The game is actually in the top ten list of the most played games, whereby almost 60 million people enjoy it, whether recreationally or professionally.

With such a high number of players, you can guess the number of people who bet on this game is also high. But, there is a distinguishing factor – some bettors rely on tennis betting tips while others don’t because they don’t know about it or they just ignore it.

Whichever the case, tennis betting tips today will help you make a better judgment of who wins a game, and this will result in making huge profits.

With hundreds of tennis tournaments, including the top five such as French Open, US Open, Wimbledon, ATP Finals, and Australian Open, you need to make quality tips part of you, so you enjoy huge profits. The good thing is, tennis betting tips today vary depending on different betting markets. For instance, you can get tips for various handicap markets, the set winner, and game-winner.

So, what do you look for in tennis betting tips today?

Your tennis betting experience can only become incredible if you’re recording more wins than losses—that’s why you must use tennis betting tips to understand your bets better. However, not any suggestion is of high quality. So, below are the features to look out for when selecting quality tennis betting tips:

  • Names of the players in a particular game
  • Name of the tournament, for example, US Open
  • The time the games kick-off, date and the venue of the match
  • The name of the tennis betting expert or tipster and his/her rating
  • Bookmakers offering betting markets of the game, their odds as per the time the tip is published
  • Type of the bet and market
  • Tipster’s prediction depending on his/her analysis of betting tips
  • A preview and analysis of a tip

Is there something you need to look for in a tennis betting expert?

As much as most prediction sites invite public input in coming up with tennis betting tips, some experts always stand out. These experts put their all in analyzing a game, players, and other factors that may influence the outcome of a match – this contributes to their success rate.

Using data from these experts will contribute to your success rate. So, to answer your question, you need to look at the success rate of a tennis betting expert before you decide to use their tip to help you stake on your winning team.

When you visit a prediction site, look at all the tipsters on the page (often they are listed somewhere on the page) and see the predictions they’ve made in the past. You’ll also see the number of tips the tipster has given and how many suggestions were actually successful.

Also, you need to look at the type of tips the tipster is good at. For example, a tennis betting expert can give tips across a different range of betting markets, such as set winners or game-winners. But, the expert may be successful more on the set winner type of betting market than the game-winner.

The point is, look at the consistency of the success of a tennis betting expert before you decide to utilize their tips.

What tips should you consider, or do experts analyze?

Whether you’re a new bettor or a professional, considering several tennis betting tips can make a difference in the profit you make. Here are some tips:

Type of court

There used to be four types of tennis courts, including grass, clay, carpet, and hard. Today, carpet is not applicable. The performance of you’re a player can fluctuate by 20% to 30% depending on a court the tournament is taking place. Looking at the performance of your player on the three types of courts can help you determine the outcome of the game.

Head to head record of players

Looking at the record of the layer while playing against the same player who they play in the upcoming game helps determine the outcome. The two may not have met before, but if the opponent has similar play forms with a player your player faced before, you can use it to analyze. Consider the court type, the age of the two-player when they last played each other, among other conditions.

up to £20
up to $60
100% up to $20
up to 25 000 KES
up to $30

Playing at home or away

Many betting experts agree that players perform better when playing in their hometowns. But, the weight of expectation on a player at their home town can make them feel pressured and freeze on the court and fail terribly.
Yet, the feeling of playing in a familiar environment and support from home people can make a player perform exemplary.

Mentality about winning

It’s not easy to find out the mentality of players regarding winning. Some are fighters, while others are not enthusiastic. Look for interviews involving the player and see how they talk about facing another player. Find records of other matches and see how players act in the field.

The age of the player

Tennis is a highly engaging sport, and as much as players will take a healthy diet and exercise, their performance will eventually drop. The player might be talented because you’ll see when one starts to feel their age.

Player’s fitness

Tennis players have to remain active during a season. Most have to play four or five times a week for four to five hours without counting their rehearsals, fitness training, and travelling time. This could leave a player exhausted or ill for not getting enough rest.

So look for players who have been overworking and those who’ve withdrawn from a tournament because of fatigue or other reasons.

Remember, top players choose when they play, which means they prepare for it, while those ranking low don’t decide when to play. This means they might not be optimally prepared, and this could affect their performance.

Recent tournament form

Tennis tournaments often occur during the same time, on the same surface and same season or time of the year. If a player performed well in the previous year, he/she is expected to perform well even in the prevailing tournament.

Players form

Your player can’t be winning every match they attend. But, a player should play to their usual standard. Your player should beat those inexperienced or those she/he beat before and only lose to those that are better than them. Moreover, if your player is losing, then the margin shouldn’t be as significant to worry you about betting on them.


Analyzing a specific niche can help you make a better judgment when choosing who to bet on.

Keep records

You can tell how far you’ve come by looking at the records of who you’ve bet on under which circumstances.

Join several bookmakers

To make the best return on your bet, you have to join several bookmakers so that you compare their odds to see the one with the highest.

Bet on Tennis

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After learning how to use various tennis betting tips, you should practice them by placing a stake in multiple betting markets. You can do that by betting online as it is secure, fast, and exciting. Furthermore, it will be easier to find an online betting market for tennis as you only have to look up the available games on various bookmakers.