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There are a lot of things one has to consider for them to offer sports expert predictions. The best tipsters will always assess the criteria range whenever they are researching the game, finding the odds value. Football is known to be one of the most popular sports punters bet on. Every sportsbook offers some form of football betting with most offers odds on the smaller leagues and competitions and the most common tournaments, associations, and events. It means spotting value can be a pretty tough task. The betting tips offered are in the best interest of the punters.

The betting tips can cover a variety of markets. We are always sure that a punter will always find advice that matches their betting style regardless of whether it is a match result, handicap, or a half-betting or goal scorer. There are also several tips which are offered in other markets. Betting tips are always after improving the chances of the punters through bookmaker reviews and betting guides. There are also tips and predictions on a wide range of sports and events which you can always check out for the new strategies and techniques.

All the things we offer are written objectively. Ensure you use what is available to help you make a better decision whenever you place a bet. The betting tips will be of great help to you. Before you put any chance, you should always go through the betting guide to learn some of the techniques and strategies that can give you more control over your betting.

Below are some of the aspects covered in the betting tips guide.

  • Always bet where there is a value. You must consider the cost. Profit is essential to all successful betting.
  • Specialize in a particular league. Knowledge is of great value. When you focus on a single league or competition, you have a great opportunity of getting profit.
  • Register with many bookmakers. Always make a comparison of the odds that each of the bookmakers has. You can also consider taking advantage of different promotions to help in improving your profit margins and protecting the stake.
  • Ensure you keep records of all your bets. You must always record each bet placed, odds you have taken together with the stake you have set. It will help you be in control of your bankroll and able to learn the markets that are of high profits.

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What Is Betting Predictions?

Betting predictions are generally treated as a task that comprises getting facts and figures which involve a team or more taking part in a forthcoming event. The primary purpose of collating data is to be in a position of accurately predicting a match outcome. Among all the popular sports gaming events, football does carry the highest number of gaming odds.

Whenever you are calculating the probabilities’ in the sports games and especially in football, there are numbers of historical features about teams that are isolated that will be retrieved. The teams’ performance history, the result of the games played by the teams, players’ performance, and number of past goals together with other records will be collected and used in calculating the possibilities of the forthcoming games.

Our Sport Predictions Types

We will be using the football game as it is the most common sport in most bookmakers. There are several prediction types you can always make in football. Below are some of the leading prediction types still available in different bookmakers.

1X2 (Home win, draw, away win)

It is one of the most popular prediction types in football. It always aims to predict the final result of a match ending in either a win for the home team (1), the game ending in a draw (X), or a victory for the guest team (2).


Barcelona 3:1 Real Madrid (1)
The bet is successful since Barcelona won the match.

1X, X2, 1 or 2 (Double Chance)

The double chance is much safer than the classic 1X2. In this prediction type, you can always pick one of the three available options. A win or draw for the home team. It can be a win or a draw for the away team or even a win for any side of the game. When any of the two results that we have selected takes place, the bet will be successful. There are up to 66.6% chances of winning a double chance bet. Due to its high probability, the odds of this prediction type are a bit low.


Liverpool 2:2 Chelsea (1X)
Despite the side we selected, Liverpool did not win the game, but we still won the double chance bet since the match ended in a draw.

DNB (Draw No Bet)

It is to the double chance bet except that in case of a draw, we get void of our entire stake instead of winning. When a game ends in a draw, there will always be no bet.


Bayern Munich 3:1 HSV Hamburg (Draw No Bet Bayern)
The bet is successful since we correctly predicted a win for Bayern Munich.

Over / under

They are also referred to as total bets. It is a prediction bet type where the punter will have to decide on the total number of goals in a single match. The bookmaker is setting the goal line, and the punters’ job will be to predict if there will be more or fewer goals than the line proposed.


PSG 1: Lille (Over 2, 5)
The bet was successful since there are more than 2, 5 goals in the match.

BTTS or BTS (Both teams to score)

It is a prediction bet type where you will predict if both of the units will score a goal in a match or not. However, if only one side manages to score regardless of the result, the bets will be lost


Porto 0:1 Benfica (BTS)
The bet was not successful since both teams failed to score.


It is a prediction bet type where the bookmaker will give a disadvantage to the favorite or an advantage to the weaker team. There are two types of handicaps European and Asian. The latter is very popular since it reduces the number of possible outcomes to two and not three, as in the case with European Handicap.


Arsenal 3:0 Manchester City (Arsenal AH-2)
The bet is successful since Arsenal has managed to win with more than three goals.

Corner bets

It is a conditional bet for many corners available in a single match. It is almost similar to the Over/Under bet. There is a line offered by the bookmaker, and the job of the punter is to help decide whether there will be more or fewer corners than the line provided. It is one of the riskier bets, although its odds are quite high.


Manchester United 4:1 Everton Overall 12 corners (Over 14 corners in a match)
The bet is not successful as there were fewer corners than what was predicted. In case we had a chance for Under 14 corners in the game, we could have won.

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Number of cards in a match

It is another excellent prediction bet type where you will have to predict the number of either red or yellow cards in a match. It is similar to the Over/under bets. In this bet type, you will have to predict if there will be more or fewer cards than the line, which has been proposed by the bookmaker.

It is a bet type that is recommended to the experienced punters who have extensive football knowledge. Analyzing the event is the most important thing here. When you analyze the match, you can never forget about the referee who will have a high impact on the final result of the game.


Rangers 2:1 Celtic – Yellow cards: 8 (Under six yellow cards)
The bet was lost since the prediction in the number of penalty cards in the match was not right. However, if there were less than six yellow cards, the bet would have been successful.

Halftime/ Fulltime bets

It is, at times, referred to as a double result. It is a kind of bet where you will have to predict the match outcome at half time and full time. In this bet type, the punter will have to decide the winning side at the end of the first half and which team will be the overall winner. You can always bet that one of the teams will lead before the break and ultimately bet on the team that will come victorious after the final whistle. It is a bet type that is recommended for the experienced punters who are never afraid of taking the risk.


Juventus 2:0 (1:0) Inter Milan (Juventus half time/ full time)
The bet is successful since we have correctly predicted that Juventus will be winning after the first half and will also win the overall match. If the results of the halves would have been different, the bet will be lost.

Correct Score

Just as the name suggests, in this bet type, you will have to predict the match’s exact outcome. Here, only the experience punters who have the steel nerves or those who rely on luck are advised to participate. It is among the most challenging bet for punters to win. Due to its low portability and several different variables, the odds of such bets are quite high.

With staking a single unit (for instance, $1 or 1£), one can win lots of money since the odds of such bets can rise to 500/1 (501.00). The odds are most cases are results such as 1:0, 1:1, or 0:0. It means they are still high enough for one to make lots of money with a smaller stake. It is the reason why most of the punters always attempt to bet using such bets. Correct score is one of the most difficult prediction type and their odds are always quite high when compared to the other prediction type odds in the market.


Ajax 2:1 PSV (correct score 1:0)
The bet is not successful since the result of the match did not end as we predicted. In this prediction type of bet, only the exact result will be successful.

Goal Scorer

It is a condition type of bet where the punter will have to select the goal scorer in a match or a competition. However, the odds of some of the best attackers in the top teams are quite low. When a player scores 30-40 goals in a single season, you can always be sure that the odds of him scoring in a particular match of becoming a top scorer will be quite low. However, the key to betting on the goal scorers is placing such bets quite early. In a single betting match, you can risk betting on the less feasible options with players who never score many goals.


Real Madrid (Morata 2′, Cristiano Ronaldo 27′, 73′) 3:0 Valencia Cristiano Ronaldo to score in a match.

The bet is successful since we selected Cristiano Ronaldo to score at least one goal. However, there are different types of goal scorer bets, such as betting on a player to score at least one, two, or three goals in a single match. A player will have to score at least some goals that we selected for the bet to be successful.